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SoaRecord Class Properties

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Public Properties
Public PropertyExpireIntervalSeconds that can elapse before the zone is no longer authorative  
Public PropertyMasterNameHostname of the primary name server  
Public PropertyNameDomain name (Inherited from ARSoft.Tools.Net.Dns.DnsMessageEntryBase)
Public PropertyNegativeCachingTTL

Seconds a negative answer could be cached

Defined in RFC 2308

Public PropertyRecordClassClass of the record (Inherited from ARSoft.Tools.Net.Dns.DnsMessageEntryBase)
Public PropertyRecordTypeType of the record (Inherited from ARSoft.Tools.Net.Dns.DnsMessageEntryBase)
Public PropertyRefreshIntervalSeconds before the zone should be refreshed  
Public PropertyResponsibleNameMail address of the responsable person. The @ should be replaced by a dot.  
Public PropertyRetryIntervalSeconds that should be elapsed before retry of failed transfer  
Public PropertySerialNumberSerial number of the zone  
Public PropertyTimeToLiveSeconds which a record should be cached at most (Inherited from ARSoft.Tools.Net.Dns.DnsRecordBase)
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